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What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are a vital form of compression therapy that is used to treat and prevent the development of Venous diseases or Varicose veins.

What do they do?

Compression stockings apply gentle pressure to your legs to improve blood flow and reduce the chance of swelling if you have a Venous disease or Varicose veins. The pressure that is applied helps the arteries relax when they are transporting blood to the rest of your body when the arteries relax it prevents blood from pooling in your veins and forming clots that can potentially be dangerous. Compression stockings can be used to prevent the worsening and development of Varicose veins and they are also used after Sclerotherapy treatment to allow collapsed veins to stick together to form scar tissue which will allow the vein to fade away.

What compression stockings are used to treat:

Types of Stockings

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Q. Do you have?

Q. Do you have?

Q. Do you have?

Q. Do you have?

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